Minor Program

Minor Degree Program

The procedures and principles regarding minor degrees are applied in compliance with the provisions of CoHE “Regulations for Transfer within Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Double Major Degrees, Minor Degrees and Inter-university Credit Transfer” and ABU Directive on Double Major and Minor Programs.


Application Procedures

·         Students may apply for an announced minor program at the beginning of their 3rd semester at the earliest and at the beginning of their 6th semester at the latest.

·          To be able to apply for a minor program, a student must have completed all credit courses taken in the major diploma program up to that time.

·         Students with a W grade (Withdrawal) must successfully complete that course by the semester in which they apply for the minor program.

·         At the time of the application, the student’s GPA in the major program must be minimum 2.60 out of 4.00.

·         Students must not have any disciplinary sanctions against them.

Assessment of Applications

·         After taking into consideration the recommendations of the heads of both departments (the one in which the student is registered and the one to which the student has applied) and  the opinions of the deans of faculties in the absence of heads of the department, students are accepted to a minor program upon the assent of the board of the faculty to which the department applied for belongs.

·         The minor program does not have any influence on the student’s success in or graduation from the major program. A separate transcript is issued for the minor program.

·         Students cannot enroll for more than one minor diploma program.

Application Documents

1.       Application Form  
2.       Transcript and course contents
3.       For Turkish nationals, the internet print-out of the result of the LYS (Undergraduate Placement Examination) scores dating to the year the exam was taken

Mode of Application and Contact

Applications must be submitted from 30 January to 03 February 2017 with complete documentation to the Antalya Bilim University Directorate of Student Affairs. Applications with missing documents and late applications will not be considered.

Applications may be mailed to the address below. If applications are by post, we will send an email to the e-mail address provided in the application to inform you of the arrival of the documents.

Application address: Antalya Bilim University

                                 Student Affairs Office

                                 Üniversite Cad. No:2 07190 Döşemealtı- Antalya

E-mail: gulseren.kilinc@antalya.edu.tr

Application and Assessment Calendar




Start Date End Date Start Date End Date Start Date End Date
30.02.2017 03.02.2017 06.02.2017 09.02.2017 10.02.2017 13.02.2017 15.02.2017


Success and Graduation

·         Students of minor programs lose the status of minor program student in the event that their cumulative GPA is below 2.50 at the end of a semester. Courses not included in the major program which the student passed are not included in the GPA but are recorded in the transcript and the diploma supplement.

·         Students who do not take any courses within the minor program for two consecutive semesters will be disenrolled from the minor diploma program. 

·         Students whose cumulative GPA is below 2.50 for two consecutive semesters during which they take courses will be disenrolled from the minor program.

·         Students have the right to quit the minor program of their own will. Students who quit a minor program cannot enroll for the same minor program again.  

·         Students who quit a minor program are not required repeat the minor program courses which they have failed unless these courses are also included in their major program. In this case, the courses which the student has passed may be counted as equivalent to the relevant courses within the curriculum of the major program upon the request of the student, if the relevant department board approves the request.

·         Students quitting a major program are automatically disenrolled from the minor program.

·         A student on a leave of absence from the major program is automatically regarded as being on a leave of absence from the minor program as well. Students may be given semester leave upon the assent of the board of the faculty to which the department applied for belongs if the student cannot take courses because the courses are not available or due to a conflict in the schedule.

·         Requirements for completion of the minor program:

a) Graduation from the major program

b) Successful completion of courses in the minor program which are not included in the major program

c) Earning a minimum cumulative 2.60 GPA in the major program.

·                     A minor degree certificate in the field of education received is issued for those who complete the minor program. This document is not regarded as a diploma.

·         Students who have graduated from the major program but have not completed their minor degree may be extended a maximum one of one additional semester of extra time to finish their studies, upon the assent of the board.

·         A student quitting a double major program has the right to a minor degree certificate if  the requirements of this minor degree program have been met.

Announcement of Results

·         The results of minor degree application assessments will be announced on 10 Fabruary 2017 by Antalya Bilim University Directorate of Student Affairs on the website of the University.

·         Students who have changed their departments/programs via undergraduate transfer cannot apply for a minor program in the same academic year.