About Us

Directorate of Student Affairs: It is the unit in charge of; carrying out works and applications included in the low in effect, regulation and directive according to the academic calendar on time; informing and giving the correct data especially to students together with academicians, parents and administrative personnel with respect to the related regulations. Besides, this unit handles forming, updating and archiving student’s personal files.

Our Mission

Giving high quality service at the shortest time possible to students by using appropriate technologies in order for all the students in our university to have a non-problematic education life within the framework of related low and regulations.

Our Vision

Giving service in electronic environment in both national and international standards within the framework of determined principles and values by protecting our institutional identity.

Our Principles are;

Respecting human rights,

Putting forth human relationships,

Giving high quality service by making the best use of time,

Having an understanding of ethics,

Being open to technological improvements,

Using the resources effectively without wasting them.